Endoscopic Mucosal Resection (EMR)

EMR is a technique in which physicians use an endoscope to remove cancerous or other abnormal tissue found in the digestive tract.


  • You MUST arrange for a responsible adult (over 18) who can drive or otherwise accompany you to and from the endoscopy unit. Your procedure cannot begin until a responsible adult driver is in the unit. This person should remain in the unit during your entire visit so that they are available as soon as you are ready to be discharged. You will not be discharged unless this person is in the unit.
  • Inform your doctor of all medications you are taking.

1 Week Before Procedure

Do not take antiplatelet medicines for 5 days before your appointment. You must discuss this with the doctor who ordered this medicine before stopping the medicine.

Day of Procedure

  • Do not eat any solid food or drink any non-clear liquids, such as milk or orange juice, for 6 hours before your scheduled appointment time.
  • You may drink clear liquids such as water or black coffee up to 2 hours before your procedure.
  • Take your usual medicines no later than 4 hours before your appointment. If you are taking pain medicine, you may do so up to 4 hours before your procedure.

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