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Now Offering GI Genius & Barrett's Ablation

Click on the links below to learn more about these procedures and find out if you're a good candidate!

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Now Seeing Patients in Shakopee at St. Francis Regional Medical Center.

At Bhatti GI, our focus is on the total wellness of our patients. We provide full-scope digestive care.

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Bhatti Weight Loss Center.

Have you struggled with other weight-loss methods with no success? We can help.

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Bhatti Surgery Center.

Bhatti Surgery Center, a 6,000 square-foot state-of-the-art facility, features three operating suites, five pre-operative rooms and four comfortable post-operative rooms.

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Bhatti GI Colon Cancer Screenings

60% of colon cancer deaths can be prevented with a colonoscopy. Bhatti GI can get you in for a colon cancer screening within one week. Contact us today to schedule your colonoscopy.

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Dr. Ahsan Bhatti

Meet Dr. Ahsan Bhatti

Dr. Bhatti is one of the few Gastroenterologists in Minnesota to specialize in liver disease. Dr. Bhatti is was also awarded second place in the 2021 Star Tribune Readers’ Choice Minnesota’s Best competition for Best Doctor and Best GI Doctor!

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