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Bhatti GI Colon Cancer Screenings

60% of colon cancer deaths can be prevented with a colonoscopy. Bhatti GI can get you in for a colon cancer screening within one week. Contact us today to schedule your colonoscopy.

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Dr. Ahsan Bhatti

Meet Dr. Ahsan Bhatti

Dr. Bhatti is one of the few Gastroenterologists in Minnesota to specialize in liver disease. Dr. Bhatti is was also awarded second place in the 2021 Star Tribune Readers’ Choice Minnesota’s Best competition for Best Doctor and Best GI Doctor!

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Why It’s So Important To Treat Hiatal Hernias

As we’ve discussed on the blog in the past, a hernia occurs when part of an organ is pushed through the muscular wall around it. Since the organ will not retract on its own to allow the muscular wall to heal, typically you’ll need surgery in order to correct a hernia. Depending on the location […]

Treating SIBO – Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth

Your small intestine plays a vital function in the processing and digestion of food, so if an issue develops in this area, it can cause a number of gastrointestinal symptoms. One such problem that can develop is SIBO, which stands for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. Bacteria in your digestive symptom perform a crucial role in […]

What Are Gastric Headaches And How Are They Treated?

The gut-brain connection is more prevalent than most people realize. Not only do the nerves in your central nervous system and your GI tract form around the same time in a developing fetus, but this gut-brain connection remains prevalent as you grow as part of hormonal signaling and immune system activity. Because of this, it […]

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