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Screening Colonoscopy vs. Diagnostic Colonoscopy

Colonoscopies can be utilized by your physician in several different situations to diagnose and prevent various conditions, including colon cancer. But not all colonoscopy procedures are the same. In this article, we are going to discuss the difference between two common types of colonoscopies - the screening colonoscopy and the diagnostic colonoscopy.

Screening Colonoscopy

A screening colonoscopy is used to screen patients for colon cancer and related issues. This type of colonoscopy is typically called for when a patient reaches a certain age range, or if they have a family history of colon cancer. It is used as a preventive measure to screen patients for cancerous polyps, and other serious issues so these conditions can be prevented and treated appropriately.

Diagnostic Colonoscopy

A diagnostic colonoscopy, while basically the same procedure, is used in different situations than a screening colonoscopy. Diagnostic colonoscopies are used when a patient exhibits specific symptoms that may indicate colon cancer or other issues. This procedure helps the physician further diagnose the patient’s condition. Diagnostic colonoscopies may also involve biopsies, lesion removals, and the like. Unlike screening colonoscopies, diagnostic colonoscopies are not performed when a patient reaches a certain age, but rather when they begin exhibiting certain symptoms.

Colonoscopy Clinics in Minnesota


Colonoscopies are one of the best tools we have to prevent and treat patients with colon cancer. When you need a colonoscopy, you want to make sure you visit a surgeon you can trust. Dr. Bhatti is one of the most respected and experienced colonoscopy surgeons in the state of Minnesota. He has performed more than 40,000 advanced GI procedures over his twenty years as a practicing gastroenterologist. Whether you need a screening colonoscopy or a diagnostic colonoscopy, Bhatti GI has you covered. Contact Bhatti GI Consultants today to set up your appointment with Dr. Bhatti at our Edina or Chaska clinic.

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