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Celiac Disease - Then & Now

In this article, we are going to talk a little bit about the history of Celiac Disease, and dive a little deeper into its diagnosis and treatment.

What is Celiac Disease?

Celiac Disease is an immune response to Gliadins in the diet in susceptible patients that lead to inflammatory response and damage in the small bowel. Celiac Disease can impact any patient, but the highest prevalence is in women (with the female to male ratio being 2:1). The disease can also impact patients of all ages, though more than 20% are older than 60.

Celiac Disease Then & Now

In the past, Celiac Disease was rare, had a high mortality rate, and was most often found in children. Now the disease is much more common, impacts patients of all ages, and has a low mortality rate.

Diagnosis of Celiac Disease

Accurate diagnosis of Celiac Disease is essential, as its symptoms overlap with many other potential conditions. To arrive at a diagnosis, your physician may employ any of the following tactics:

  • History and supportive clinical features
  • Supportive Serologies
  • Small bowel Biopsy
  • Examination of clinical response to Gluten free diet


When To do EGD and Biopsy

All patients with Celiac Disease should have a biopsy before beginning a gluten free diet. This allows your physician to confirm an accurate diagnosis and acts as a baseline for future progression.

Treatment Options

When Celiac Disease is confirmed in a patient, there are many potential treatment strategies, including:

  • Gluten free diet life-long
  • Working with a skilled Dietician
  • And More.

Minnesota GI Physicians

At Bhatti GI, we have been treating patients suffering from Celiac Disease for years. Dr. Ahsan Bhatti has performed more than 40,000 advanced GI procedures over the past two decades and has the experience necessary to treat your symptoms. Contact us today at Bhatti GI to set up your appointment!

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